AutoStart Manager

Manage programs that are set to run upon system startup by adding, editing or removing them from the list with this lightweight application.

  • AutoStart Manager
  • Version :2.0.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Neswolf

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AutoStart Manager Description

Sometimes, due to various residue buildups or unnecessary components, your computer’s performance might drop dramatically, thus affecting your overall productivity.

However, you can rely on third-party applications, such as AutoStart Manager, and attempt to improve its speed by cleaning up useless elements.

Quick and simple installation

Installing this utility on your computer does not require any advanced configuration on your part. You only need to decide whether the installer should create a desktop shortcut or not.

Its interface is rather simplistic and features a few controls that you can interact with. Therefore, it proves itself to be highly accessible and efficient at the same time. You do not need to have any advanced PC knowledge to understand and operate its functions efficiently.

More so, no configuration is needed when operating this application, since its main purpose is to help you organize your startup items quickly.

Add, edit or remove startup items

You can rely on AutoStart Manager if you need a lightweight software solution that can help you manage your startup entries in a quick, non-sophisticated manner.

When you first run it, this utility displays all the programs that have been scheduled for execution upon system startup, thus providing you with an overview of your system’s status.

You can easily add new entries and remove or edit existing ones by highlighting the desired item and clicking the corresponding function. It is also possible to select and remove multiple entries at once by ticking their checkboxes before performing an action.

If you set one of your programs to run at startup using other means than this application’s built-in function, you can hit the Rescan button, so that it can be displayed on its main window.

Lightweight startup manager that features straightforward controls

As a conclusion, AutoStart Manager is a simple application that can help you organize programs that are scheduled to run upon system start. You can freely add, remove or edit entries, as well as performing rescans for entries that you have modified in the meantime.

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