Provides multiple possibilities for scheduling power actions, such as restart, sleep, hibernate or shutdown, but also schedule launching an app.

  • AutoOff
  • Version:4.6
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Bluesend

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AutoOff Description

AutoOff is a neat application that offers various shutdown scenarios that in addition to being highly customizable, are easy to configure. It delivers an out-of-the-box scheduler that allows you to shutdown, restart or lock the computer based on a preset scheme.

The installation process is easy to follow through and ends up creating a shortcut on your desktop, for quick access. In terms of appearance, the program adopts a simple, yet comprehensive interface that doesn’t take long to figure out, even by beginners.

In order to create a new scheduler, simply select the action to be performed (options include shutdown, lock, restart, put to sleep, turn off the display or start the screensaver) and configure the time settings, as desired. The selected operation can be triggered after a user-defined interval or at a certain time during the current day.

All that remains to be done is to press the ‘Start’ button, at which point the application is automatically minimized to tray, prompting you that the scheduler has started. When the preset interval gets close to zero, you will receive periodic notifications regarding the remaining time.

If you want to trigger an action on the spot, without depending on a schedule, simply go to the system tray icon and right-click it or alternatively, use the context menu of the taskbar icon.

All the created tasks are logged inside a special tab, from where you can delete the ones that are no longer active. You can also set the program to force processes to terminate during a shutdown or restart action (if unresponsive) using the Options dialog.

In conclusion, AutoOff delivers possibilities to perform shutdown actions on the spot or based on a preset scheduler, with minimum efforts. The only missing feature we can think of is an option for a weekly scheduler, so as to be able to automate operations for several days of the current week.

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