Automate repetitive computer tasks by capturing keyboard and mouse activity, and editing steps to make sure complex actions are performed in a second, at the press of a button.

  • AutoMe
  • Version:7.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Asoftech

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AutoMe Description

Working on a computer all day isn’t always that fun. Some activities require repetitive actions, which can take a lot of time, and it gets frustrating to do this too often. Luckily, developers came out with programs such as AutoMe which help you record complex activities, then have them performed at the press of a button.

Record mouse and keyboard activity

Automation is not something new, but it can come with simple, or advanced functions, like this application does. There’s a handful of presets you can use to check out the set of features, and even edit to see what needs to be done for proper functionality. If so, it’s best you cease all interaction until the action is performed.

The application aims to automatically record all actions you perform with both the mouse and keyboard, and break them down into multiple steps. When recording is done, you’re taken to the actual creation screen, and depending on your intentions, or the complexity of the task, it can take some time to configure.

Edit steps and add more actions

Steps are all shown in a list, with options to arrange them in the right order. General fields let you set name, descriptions, and trigger hotkeys. However, the main attraction is the accompanying side pane that’s fitted with a whole variety of input options.

These give you the possibility to add more steps, in case the recording process didn’t quite go according to plan. Ranging from keyboard, mouse, to advanced, methods can simply mean moving the cursor and interacting with different elements, pasting text strings at custom pace, or more complex options to launch programs, or initiate loop sessions.

As mentioned above, recorded actions can be triggered through hotkeys, but this is just one option. In case you’re not around when something needs to be done, AutoMe lets you create custom schedules for any action, with thorough time management options.

In conclusion

All in all, AutoMe is a powerful automation application which is sure to help you make recurrent activities and tasks less of a pain. It can take a bit of time to get acquainted with how everything works out. However, with a little patience, steps can thoroughly be configured to make the computer perform almost all you need without much effort on your behalf.

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