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Automates tasks and processes, creates scripts to quickly execute repetitive actions, and schedules task execution, while generating complete reports.

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Automation Anywhere Description

Automation Anywhere is an advanced tool for IT engineers to help them automate tasks in a couple of minutes without any extra programming. It can perform remote client actions and create scripts on the target computers without the need of an actual person sitting at the desk.

Interacting with the GUI

To log into the actual program, users need to create an account. This is done during the installation process. Afterwards, Automation Anywhere allows newcomers to easily understand how the app works via a small wizard that guides them throughout the entire configuration process.

The overall interface is well laid out. Users can select schedules, scripts, and executables to run in automated mode, while a list of  applications and tools is displayed in front of the engineers to help them better discern their order.

Powerful set of features

Automation Anywhere allows IT engineers to remotely connect to a server where repositories can be stored. The server connection is set by introducing the server’s port number. However, the app allows users to connect to up to five clients at once and manage each via the automation process.

For each client engineers have a host of tools that helps them manipulate the target systems. From recording the remotely controlled computer screens and running various apps, email clients, browsers, and keystrokes, Automation Anywhere provides an impressive level of access to the monitored systems.

Besides the standard Windows commands that IT engineers can tweak, additional applications can be added for scheduling. Each of them can be organized in folders, and later be triggered in any way users will condition them, like setting their schedule, the execution methods, and priority.

For complete troubleshooting tools, IT engineers also enjoy a second list of options that allows them to better organize their running applications. They can manually tweak their workflows which is great to create an effective monitoring effort, upload repositories to the server if needed, and schedule utilities to automatically run on client machines at certain time of the day.


Automation Anywhere is a powerful tool built for IT engineers and network managers to thoroughly monitor networks under their supervision. It allows a complete access to a maximum of five clients and offers its users the possibility to remotely run and tweak all basic Windows default commands, and trigger their own applications with a vast array of customization options. Overall, nothing that is connected to this program will escape undetected by the supervising engineer.

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