Automatically Convert PDF To JPG Software

Automatically convert PDFs to JPG images with the help of this lightweight application that can monitor multiple folders and subfolders.

  • Automatically Convert PDF To JPG Software
  • Version :7.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sobolsoft

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Automatically Convert PDF To JPG Software Description

PDF conversion is one of those simple tasks that only become tedious once you get to think about their repetitive and monotonous nature.

Fortunately, there are programs that offer to take the toll upon themselves, with one example in this regard being Automatically Convert PDF To JPG Software, which can change the file format of your PDFs at intervals you get to indicate.

Can monitor and convert multiple PDF folders and subfolders

One you have the application up and running, you are welcomed by an intuitive GUI that enables you to create a list of folders and subfolders you want it to monitor. You can either select them yourself or resort to a text file in order to load them.

Note that, while you may clear the list at any point, you cannot remove items individually, which is quite an inconvenience.

As for the frequency of the conversion process, it is worth mentioning that you can ask the tool to handle your files at an interval expressed in hours, minutes, and seconds.

Lets you tweak the conversion process

Needless to say, indicating an output location for your files is possible, with the option to resort to some extra tweaks before initiating the process. To be more specific, you can resort to any of the following conversion methods: Ghostscript, Black/White, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and GflAx. As for the last on the list, it allows you to choose the number of pages as well as the resolution of your newly created images.

Converting strictly the first page should ensure you only work with relevant content. Aside from that, adjusting the output quality is possible.

Regardless of your preferences, a log records all the conversions so that you can be in full control of all the operations. It is also important to mention that, in order to prevent the program from interfering with your workflow, asking it to start in the systray can be easily done. Loading the program on Windows startup automatically is also possible.

Handy tool saving you lots of time

On an ending note, Automatically Convert PDF To JPG Software is a helpful application that can keep an eye on various locations on your PC so that it can convert your PDFs to images at user-defined intervals. The applications lets you tweak the conversion process and keeps you informed of all the tasks it completes, not to mention that it is easy to work with, so anyone could take it for a spin.

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