Automated Composing System

Provides simple tools to create MIDI songs in order to insert them in video games or add them to mobile phone ringtones using a minimalist graphical interface.

  • Automated Composing System
  • Version :8.01
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Tetsuji Katsuda

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Automated Composing System Description

Automated Composing System helps users generate and edit randomly created songs, and save them as MIDI files for later use in games or other applications.

Minimalistic graphical user interface

There’s a lack of complexity when it comes to the Automated Composing System’s interface. The tool’s layout is designed to be small, bringing only a handful of buttons to help users input the minimum data required by the program in order to deliver its features properly.

Besides the main three ‘Previous,’ ‘Compose,’ and ‘Next’ buttons, users can find a couple of ways to tweak the app in the ‘Settings’ area. Here users can pick what sort of MIDI sound they would like to hear. They may choose between MIDI GM and MIDI XG mode, and set the nature of the overall song by selecting from ringtone-style music, random, and special composition.

Editing MIDI songs

However, the strong part of Automatic Composing System is its ‘Edit’ mode. Thanks to it, users are able to re-upload the randomly generated songs from the app’s growing database and tweak them to their liking using a couple of altering options, like chord and tone insertion, adjustment, and replacement. After that, the song can be replayed and re-exported to MIDI format.


Automatic Composing System is built to quickly generate MIDI songs for low-budget game developers that may not have the funds to hire a full-time composer. It also allows to-be artists to tweak the generated melodies in order to fit them better in their universe without creating a song from scratch.

The application’s GUI is simple, stylish, and a bit confusing since all the options are placed in windows that succeed each other, instead of offering a comprehensive and extensive layout. Overall, the program can be useful, but it’s not easy to learn and get used to.

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