Create and manage multiple workflows, to edit any number of image files automatically, with this powerful and intuitive application.

  • Version :1.9.93
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SoftColor Oy Ltd

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AUTOMATA PRO Description

If you are looking for an easy-to-use application that can automatically edit large amounts of image files, located in various directories, by using various processing rules, you may want to try AUTOMATA PRO.

It is an efficient tool that allows you to create numerous processing operations, each with its own rules and conditions, then run them separately or at the same time.

Create workflows

AUTOMATA PRO enables you to set up any number of processing operations, by adding various editing tasks and specifying input and output parameters.

The application offers numerous tools, which can be used to adjust colors, resize images, crop specific areas, add watermarks, remove noise, modify metadata and much more.

You can specify if the application should ignore subfolders, copy the original files to another folder or process images found in PDF files. It is also possible to have the program edit only certain file types.

The output images can be saved to JPG, TIFF, PNG, PSD or BMP. To avoid overwriting the source files, the application can automatically add prefixes and suffixes to the names of the exported images.

Preview editing results

Before processing a large amount of images, it helps to be able to view the effects of the selected editing operations.

AUTOMATA PRO allows you to test the created workflow before saving it, using a provided sample file or multiple images of your choice.

Run multiple workflows simultaneously

Once you have created one or more workflows, they are displayed in the main program window. You can start any number of them at the same time, allowing you to monitor and edit images in multiple directories simultaneously.

The processing operations can be organized into custom groups or filtered based on their current status.

Overall, AUTOMATA PRO is a useful application, designed to help you set up multiple image processing operations, to simultaneously edit files located in various folders on your computer. It features an intuitive interface and offers a wide array of editing tools.

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