Automate computer movements and shortcuts via custom scripts that you can create as 3D icons using this simple and straightforward tool.

  • Autoitlauncher
  • Version:1.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Arnold Burg

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Autoitlauncher Description

In the eventuality that you are using AutoIt to help you automate various tedious tasks on the computer,  then there is a chance that you may have considered that having a menu where you can access all the scripts you access on a regular basis can make things a lot easier.

Autoitlauncher is handy piece of software that enables you to run AutoIt scripts on your PC via various keyboard shortcut macros. To put it simply, thanks to the tool you can create a 3D button or icon that can run the desired script or code you previously created.

Featuring a 3D GUI interface, the program allows you to design your own menu that features a wide variety of button icons, such as cube, card, sphere, disk or cylinder. Once you select the preferred button styles you can write and customize them using AutoIt.

The direct advantage of the program stems from the fact that you no longer need to remember dozens of shortcut combinations, nor do you have to type them using a more or less convenient style of keyboard.

In addition, these executable icons can be placed in your favorite launcher, clipboards or popup menus, for instance. Moreover, since you no longer use the shortcuts to execute various macros, you can remap your mouse and keyboard more conveniently.

System requirements

  • Autoit

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Autoitlauncher is a 5 days in every week freeware that you can use. (Saturday and Monday only with license).

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