Auto Shutdown Pro II

An easy-to-use and efficient application that helps you schedule shutdown, reboot or sleep tasks, view system information or clear browser history and cookies.

  • Auto Shutdown Pro II
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Auto Shutdown Pro II Description

Auto Shutdown Pro II is a reliable software which allows you save power and protect your computer by enabling automatic shutdown, log off or other power off options. The software is easy to use and generally runs in the background. You can access it and quickly assign tasks to it using the comprehensive context menu.

Automate power off or other type of functions

Auto Shutdown Pro II can help you set schedules for automatic computer shutdown, restart, logoff, lock computer, stand by or sleep, hibernate and turn off the monitor. The software allows you to set detailed tasks which enable these actions at specific times or quickly configure them using the context menu.

The software runs in the background and can be accessed from the system tray area. Just right-click on its icon and you can easily setup a task for one of the power off functions. Alternatively, you may launch the GUI and create a detailed task, allowing you to automate several other computer processes or applications than just the power off options. Thus, at the countdown, the software can prompt open a custom program, terminate an application, open a file, an URL or display a message.

User-friendly digital assistant

Since Auto Shutdown Pro II allows you to control computer power options, it displays one or more confirmation windows before you can perform any action. For instance, if you set a task to shutdown the computer on demand, before saving your work, you risk to lose important data. Once created, any task can be edited, deleted, delayed or sped up.

Auto Shutdown Pro II offers you several other useful functions, such as: AutoFTP, a FTP server configuration center and AutoZIP, a file compression component. Moreover, all actions can be saved in a program log file, on your computer.

Protecting data, computer health and privacy

Auto Shutdown Pro II is a comprehensive application, that comes bundled with useful functions, which allow you to schedule processes on your computer. You may set a recurrent schedule for functions such as shutdown, restart, log off, terminate application, open file or access URL in the browser of your choice.

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