A simple to use application that allows you to automate the search for online auctions on products that interest you, then receive notifications.

  • Version :1.0.6288.2098 Beta
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Clicker1

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AUCTIONFINDER allows you to identify online auctions regarding products that interest you. The program can be configured to perform recurrent searches on the Internet and prompt a notification when a match is found. The program is easy to use and allows you to create several profiles that you can run alternatively.

Create auction profiles

The auction profiles contain all the conditions for the Internet search and implies that you select the desired website, as well as other criteria. You need to specify the keywords for the search, as well as the number of pages the software should search. A price filter can be applied and an audio notification can be enabled.

AUCTIONFINDER can repeat each profile when the search reaches the page range limit, but it can restart it from the top after a short pause. You can specify the pause range in milliseconds. Moreover, the program can notify you by prompting a pop-up window on the desktop, via SMS or email.

Simple to use searching engine

All the searching profiles are saved in AUCTIONFINDER and displayed in a designated area, so you may view them. Simply select either of them and click the Start button in order to activate it.

Moreover, you can set the software not to send any notification in case it finds a suitable match for your criteria. In this case, you can click the Show results button in order to view the results. You need to setup the email and SMS options, if you wish the results notifications to be sent to you by either of these methods.

SMS and email configuration

In order for AUCTIONFINDER to recurrently send the results notifications by email or SMS, you need to configure the service. Thus, the email address, SMTP name, port and optionally, SSL credentials are required for setting up the email. The SMS configuration implies the API Web address and the mobile number.

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