Atrise Everyfind Lite

Create your customized search engine with this powerful application that allows you to index several types of files, including HTMLs and TXTs.

  • Atrise Everyfind Lite
  • Version :10.2.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Atrise Software

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Atrise Everyfind Lite Description

Atrise Everyfind Lite is a great tool for anyone interested in creating customized simple, but effective search engines. Users who own personal websites will find it very valuable, as it allows one not only to search URL addresses (stored locally as HTMLs), but also local content in various formats, such as audio files and text documents.

No programming knowledge is needed to generate working search engines

The application comes with powerful searching and filtering algorithms that include wildcard and keywords searches or categories filtering. There is no need for any programming knowledge, as the software is highly intuitive and users need only specify the search engine entries with the corresponding keywords.

Once started, the software requires, in essence, two parameters to be defined: the content to be indexed by the database and the actual keywords, which link documents to the query. One of the strong points of this tool is the ability to import entire folders as valid database items. This can be highly important when, for example, indexing an audio library!

A special import function allows users to load multiple files, complete with keywords extracted from their internal structure

More-so, when loading entire folders, the resource automatically processes the internal structure of documents and identifies possible keywords. Other items can be indexed as well, such as HTMLs, or plain text files. Users are free to manually define their own items, with customized keywords.

When the engine is complete, users have the option of previewing it in an actual browser. This is a great method of testing the project, before incorporating it in an actual website. The final search engine also displays the entries categories, which is a great method of ensuring content is found.

The application provides a very convenient simple search engine that can index HTMLs and text or audio documents

All things considered, Atrise Everyfind Lite is an easy to use and practical program that can generate search engines for use in various projects, including personal websites.

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