A professional and reliable application functioning as a weather model data and GRIB-format visualization and analysis tool for forecasters.

  • ATMOGRAPH ModelVis
  • Version:1.0.7
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:PaulMarv Software

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ATMOGRAPH ModelVis Description

ATMOGRAPH ModelVis is a complex yet user-friendly software solution created to serve the needs of meteorologists and all-around weather enthusiasts, by providing you with the ability to analyze GRIB data and capture picture or videos of the monitored region.

Straightforward and approachable user interface

Following a fairly brief and uneventful installation process, you can launch the program and begin configuring its functioning preferences from the main window.

The application’s ribbon helps you choose the weather model you want to work with as well as the time frame, enabling you to define the parameters of your task in just a few moves.

Monitor and analyze weather events all over the world

ATMOGRAPH ModelVis offers several visualization modes, including two- and three-dimensional, ‘Geo’, ‘Lines’ or ‘Both’, helping you track a precise area on the map without too much effort.

The utility features multiple weather models, including GFS, NAm, HRRR, HiresW, RAP, RTMA, NAVGEM, SREF, NARRE, AQM, GDS, each one comprising various options for you to use, depending on your needs.

Similarly, you can setup the ‘Probe Value’ by select the necessary ‘Color Fill Layer’, ‘Contour Layer’, ‘Vector Field Layer’, ‘Fill Overlay’, ‘Viewpoints’, ‘Layer Orders’ and other ‘Misc. Layer Settings’. Furthermore, you can load a custom GRIB file into ATMOGRAPH ModelVis to obtain the precise information that you are after.

The ‘Export’ component allows you to grab screenshots of the map and save them to your computer to PNG, JPG, BMP, DDS or HDR format, in default or custom sizes. At the same time, you can capture a video recording of the map in AVI or MPEG for later analysis.

A handy forecaster’s assistant

To conclude, ATMOGRAPH ModelVis proves to be a useful and reliable tool that you can resort to for weather monitoring and analysis operations, obtaining and processing data with a minimal level of effort entailed for you.

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