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Create a surveillance system using regular web cameras and monitor your home or office at all times, from any computer of mobile phone.

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AtHome Video Streamer Description

AtHome Video Streamer is a user-friendly and intuitive piece of software created to offer you the means of monitoring your home or other important facilities, such as your office building, a school or others. Along with AtHome Camera, it enables you to keep an eye on things, even when on the move.

Compact and intuitive appearance

The interface of the program is quite simple and easy to understand, featuring a single window revealing the live feed from one or several connected cameras, in tabs.

On the right edge of its window, AtHome Video Streamer displays the connection status, along with other configuration details, while the ‘Streamer Settings’ button offers you the option of customizing its functioning parameters.

Connect to your surveillance webcams and stream the live feed to other devices

You can get started by connecting your web cameras to the computer, and the utility will automatically detect the capture device, prompting you to confirm its loading. Should several webcams be available, they will be displayed in different tabs.

Concerning the configuration possibilities for AtHome Video Streamer, these include the option of assigning a preferred name to the streamer server, such as ‘Home’ or ‘Office’. You can also define a set of credentials to ensure only approved individuals can view the live feed. Similarly, you can alter the audio and video settings of the capture device, as well as the destination folder for recorder clips.

Moreover, to provide you with access to the video feed even on your mobile device, the tool can generate a QR code. When scanning it with the corresponding AtHome Camera app from your smartphone, it will add the webcam and enable you to view the images at any moment you wish.

A practical webcam streamer to assist you in surveillance tasks

To conclude, AtHome Camera can contribute to making you feel safer by allowing you to visually monitor your house, office or other buildings both from your computer and your mobile phone, with minimal effort entailed.

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