Atelier Web Remote Commander

Using this application you can connect to another computer on your network so you can explore its running processes and view system information.

  • Atelier Web Remote Commander
  • Version:12.7 Build 110
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:AtelierWeb Software

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Atelier Web Remote Commander Description

Atelier Web Remote Commander is an advanced piece of software that allows you to manage and audit workstations and servers from your computer and provide remote support, in case certain users require your assistance.

Comes with a clean and well-structured interface

While you do have to install the application on your personal computer, you will be happy to learn that the operation is not necessary for the rest of the workstations that are connected to the network. Not only is setting up the remote manager straightforward, but it is also quick as you do not have to install extra drivers, make configurations or restart your computer.

The utility comes with a clean interface that consists of several tabs, representative for the type of function they are performing, namely Desktop, SysInfo, NetworkInfo, File System, Users and Groups and Chat. The latter tab can be quite helpful when you are providing remote assistance to a user located in another office or floor, for example.

Allows you to monitor hardware, services and processes

The role of the program is to help you manage all aspects of the computers connected to the network and this includes, hardware devices, processes, services or the statuses of the process, BIOS as well as the operating system. In addition, the application enables you to keep track of the port finders, port statistics, routing, interfaces, shares and the IP/TCP protocols that are being used.

The highlight of the utility is that it permits you to perform most maintenance tasks that you got accustomed to with Windows Explorer, meaning download, upload, archiving or decompressing files, renaming, deleting, copying and pasting, just to name a few.

A tool for monitoring workstations in your network

All in all, if you are managing several computers connected in the network and you need to keep track of their performance, while detecting potential issues at the same time, then perhaps you can consider trying out Atelier Web Remote Commander.

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