ASUS WL-330gE Wireless AP Utilities

A handy utility for managing the ASUS WL-330gE 4-in-one portable wireless router which can be easily used by anyone due to its intuitive design.

  • ASUS WL-330gE Wireless AP Utilities
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Asus

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ASUS WL-330gE Wireless AP Utilities Description

ASUS WL-330gE is a powerful and compact piece of hardware which combines an access point, Ethernet adapter, gateway and a universal repeater, to deliver a complete solution for home or office Internet access.

ASUS WL-330gE Wireless AP Utilities is a pack that contains two tools which you need in order to discover devices and configure them, as well as update their firmware.

Easy to install and use

The WL-330gE is designed to be easy to install and use, and so are the two tools. They make their way onto your computer after a short installation process which is overlooked by the classic Wizard.

Both the ‘Device Discovery’ and ‘Firmware Restoration’ tools display user-friendly GUIs which are a bit rough around the edges but comprehensive nonetheless.

Quickly discover devices

The moment you run the Device Discovery tool, it should display a simple window from where you can view what devices exist on your network. They are presented in a list along with information such as name, SSID, IP address, subnet mask, and printer.

From the same window you are able to select a device and configure it using your Internet browser. If for some reason the application fails to detect any devices, then you can make use of the ‘Search’ button which initiates a new scan.

Simple firmware restoration

The second tool, just like the first, is easy to operate as it consists of a single window in which you just need to specify the source file for the firmware and click the ‘Upload’ button. It’s a practical tool which enables you to fix a given device by restoring its firmware. All you need are the appropriate .trx, .img or .bin files which have to be loaded into the application.

Manage your WL-330gE device using these tools

In closing, ASUS WL-330gE Wireless AP Utilities provide an efficient and effective method for managing and restoring device functionality.

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