ASUS Ai Charger

Quickly charge your iPad, iPhone or iPod having more amperage drawn from your motherboard USB ports. Always use quality cables when quick charging..

  • ASUS Ai Charger
  • Version :1.05.02
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Asus

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ASUS Ai Charger Description

iOS devices are popular among people worldwide, so there are numerous users who are aware that charging their iPod, iPhone or iPad typically takes a long time. Those who also own computers powered by ASUS motherboards can use their PCs to charge their iOS devices faster than the time it would take using the default charger. This is possible when using ASUS Ai Charger.

Before downloading and installing this application, users first need to make sure their desktop or portable computer is running a compatible chipset or motherboard, otherwise the software solution will not work as expected.

The software solution does not come with an actual graphic user interface, as it simply displays a dedicated icon in the taskbar, notifying users that the app is ready to work. This minimalistic approach was chosen so as not to disturb users from working or enjoying a movie while the Apple device is charging.

At this point, one can connect their iOS devices using a typical USB connector, so as to charge the battery of their iPad, iPod or iPhone. The charging process is supposed to complete with up to 50% faster than using regular chargers, yet this improvement is only noticeable on computer where all the required drivers are installed.

In addition, it needs to be mentioned that newer models might not be properly charged by ASUS Ai Charger as they rely on a different type of technology.

All in all, users are advised to make sure all the proper drivers for their iOS devices are installed onto the host computer otherwise they might come to the conclusion that ASUS Ai Charger does not really optimize the charging process.

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