A simple-to-use application for providing a detailed analysis of your system (e.g. processor, motherboard, memory, network, ports, temperature core), as well as view a list with the drivers that are not properly installed.

  • ASTRA32
  • Version :3.40
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sysinfo Lab

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ASTRA32 Description

ASTRA32 is a lightweight cross-platform utility designed to give you detailed information about your computer hardware.

The GUI is clean and intuitive, and gives users the possibility to view system information about the processor (CPU clock), motherboard (system name, BIOS version, vendor), memory (memory size, memory module), storage (HDD model and size, CD/DVD model and speed), video (vendor, model), sound (sound chip), operating system, network (name, adapter name and description), and ports.

ASTRA32 provides details about the processor, namely CPU (e.g. temperature, FSB clock, core voltage, signature), lets you view which features are supported by the processor (e.g. debugging extension, time stamp counter, page attribute table, direct cache access), as well examine the cache properties, BIOS features, and boot options.

Other important features worth mentioning are represented by the possibility to view useful data about PCI/AGP devices, memory modules, logical drives, USB devices, printers, and network.

Plus, the hardware monitoring option displays the temperature core, system bus clock, FSB clock, and HDD temperature, while the diagnostic feature informs you about the HDD health status, controller revision, buffer size, and others.

Furthermore, ASTRA32 comprises a list with the programs that are installed on the computer. You can select the details to be included in the reports and save them to plain text, HTML, INI, XML, or CSV file format.

You don’t need special computer skills for working with this tool, as the application scans the computer and automatically displays the detailed information in the primary panel.

All in all, ASTRA32 offers you comprehensive details about hardware and displays a list with the devices whose drivers are not properly installed.

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