Asman Desktop Virtual Christmas Tree

Bring the joyous Christmas spirit to your desktop by placing a tastefully decorated and animated tree in any location on your screen.

  • Asman Desktop Virtual Christmas Tree
  • Version :3.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ASMAN

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Asman Desktop Virtual Christmas Tree Description

Asman Desktop Virtual Christmas Tree is a small and lightweight application that allows you to enhance your desktop in the joyous holiday spirit.

Easy installation and beautiful interface

The installation is quick and straightforward, as it entails extracting the archive and opening the executable file. The app does not require further configuration and you can enjoy a tastefully decorated Christmas tree on your screen right away.

As you probably already hinted, the UI consists of a medium-sized Christmas tree featuring a soothing green tone and yellow or red decorations. You should know that you can easily move the tree to any location on your screen using your mouse.

Does not include editing options

It is necessary to mention that the only customization option you have access to is changing the color of the decorations. You can switch between yellow and red decorations by clicking on the star on top of the Christmas tree.

Without denying that the tree is quite appealing, it would have been nice if it allowed you to personalize it further. For instance, it would have been delightful if you can select the type of ornaments to include in the tree along with their color, shape and sizes.

In addition, it would be useful if it allowed you to change the transparency and number of the blinks according to the activities you perform on your desktop. Some users would appreciate it if they could make the blinks barely visible when they are working or focused on reading something interesting.

Alternatively, it would be great if you could add more bright blinks when you are just hanging out with your friends or family. Either way, customization features for an app in this category would highly be appreciated by users who truly enjoy this holiday and love decorating their home in the Christmas spirit.

An overall simplistic Christmas tree

If you are looking to add a bit of Christmas spirit to your computer, then Asman Desktop Virtual Christmas Tree might be the quickest tool to achieve your goal.

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