Artista Impresso Pro

Turn your photo into an Impressionist painting that shows exactly where the artist’s brush touched the canvas and adjust color parameters to obtain a piece of art.

  • Artista Impresso Pro
  • Version :1.7.6
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :JixiPix, LLC

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Artista Impresso Pro Description

Artista Impresso Pro comprises all the tools you need to transform your photos into real works of art that look just like Impressionist paintings, with realistic brush strokes and impressive color combinations. Attention to detail is the main plus of each of the presets this application comes with, but you have to choose the one perfect for the type of photo you want to process.

Variate preset collection to create your painting

Unlike Artista Impresso, the Pro edition delivers a more generous preset collection and editing options, also providing layer support. This makes it possible for you to obtain paintings with a high level of detail by overlapping multiple layers with different effects and settings.

The ‘Alla Prima’ presets are designed for portraits, highlighting important face areas, while the ‘En Plein Air’ and ‘Tache’ preset categories are perfect for landscapes and still life paintings. Regardless of the preset you choose, the result is instantly rendered within the main window, where you can use the masking tool to manage different layers and the zooming options to take a closer look at specific image sections.

Customizable stroke and color parameters

If you don’t find any of the available presets satisfying, you can try to obtain the result you are looking for by manually adjusting some of the available parameters. To be more specific, you can tamper with stroke size, volume and variation, the canvas strength, stroke color shift and the overall color tone.

There are adjustment bars for color enhancing, bristle strength and depth, stroke angle and the artistic finish. Moreover, you can change the layer opacity, which will allow the underneath layer to be more or less visible.

Turn a photo into an Impressionist piece of art

Artista Impresso Pro comprises a more advanced feature set than Artista Impresso, but the principle both rely on and their ultimate goal are the same: to help you alter your original photos in such a manner that they will look just like paintings created by famous 19th century artists.

With focus on detail, light, shadow and the Impressionist color palettes, Artista Impresso Pro can turn a plain photo into a real masterpiece. As a drawback, the range of compatible graphic formats is only limited to JPG, PNG and TIFF files.

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