Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard

A simple, wizard-like application that allows users to create mosaic photos by selecting a master photo that can be reconstructed from small cell photos.

  • Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard
  • Version :1.8.128
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Artensoft

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Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard Description

Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard is an application designed to help users easily create photo mosaics from master images already available on their PCs.

Simple user interface

The application comes with a simple interface, which makes it suitable for all kinds of users, including those who lack advanced computer skills.

To get started, users need to select a master image, which will be recreated using small cell photos in the next steps of the mosaic creation process.

Next, they need to select the images they want to use for the creation of the mosaic. One thing they need to keep in mind is the fact that they can change the number of photos needed for the mosaic from the “Options” menu, thus ensuring that they have enough images to successfully complete the task.

Users can select as many images as they like for the creation process, even if these are located in different folders, as the application can cache them without issues.

Customize mosaic images

As soon as the needed number of photos has been selected, the application can start creating the mosaic, but it also allows users to set specific customization options before getting started.

Users can set the number of fragments they want to be used in the mosaic, can change its orientation, and can also choose to leave neighboring identical images out of the final image.

After the mosaic has been generated, users can apply final touches to it by changing its colorization type and by replacing the photo cells that they don’t consider as being placed in the best possible position or succession.

Resulting mosaic images can be saved on the computer, the application allowing users to choose between four different output file types, namely JPG, BMP, PNG, and TIF.

Enjoy fast operations

All in all, Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard is a simple, reliable tool that allows users to create mosaic photos in only a few minutes. We found the app to be quite snappy even when it came to loading hundreds of photos, and to be able to create great-looking mosaics with a minimum computer resource usage.

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