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View pictures that have been captured around you by turning to this application that pinpoints them on a virtual world map layout.

  • AroundMe Store App
  • Version :2.1.2
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Timo Partl

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AroundMe Store App Description

If you are interested in photography and want to discover new content constantly, you might need to rely on third-party software in order to achieve that.

One of the applications that can come in handy in the situation described above is AroundMe Store App, as it can help you see photos taken near your location in an intuitive manner.

Simple layout

This program comes with a simplistic, user-friendly interface that packs a few interactive functions, making it highly accessible for many users, regardless of their PC skills or previous experience with similar programs.

The main window displays a map layout that lets you navigate to your current position at the click of a button. If you want to use a custom location, you can do so by dragging the map until you are satisfied with the displayed region.

View photos that were taken nearby

After you decide on the location, AroundMe Store App lets you search for photos that have been captured near your selected region by just clicking the Load Pictures button. You can also navigate to a particular location by turning to the search function and typing the desired name in the designated field. Using this feature not require you to load the pictures, as they are automatically displayed after you reach the region you want.

If you want, you can change the default map view by clicking the Layers button and choosing a preferred mode from the list. The available view modes are Map, Satellite, Terrain and Hybrid.

Handy configuration menu

Clicking the gear wheel button lets you access a standard configuration menu where you can tweak a few parameters and adjust the application so that it fits your needs better.

It is possible to toggle various image services (Flickr, 500px and Panoramio) by ticking their checkboxes, set the Live Tile update interval or set Live Tile to be updated only on WiFi.

Lightweight app that displays photos shot nearby you

All things considered, AroundMe Store App is a simple, yet effective application that enables you to view photographs captured near your location by pinpointing them on a map layout. It comes with a user-friendly interface, packs intuitive functions and provides you with a handy configuration menu.

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