ARK for Active Directory (ARKAD)

A reporting tool that enables users to preview information on Microsoft Active Directory with numerous templates, features and options.

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ARK for Active Directory (ARKAD) Description

ARK for Active Directory is a complex reporting solution specially designed for Microsoft Active Directory Enterprise. It provides a lot of built-in reports to perform on your network.

Document your entire AD infrastructure

The application offers an impressive array of reports right from the box. This means you can get accurate information on security, administration and management with just a few clicks. You can also create your own AD reports with custom selected fields and criteria to get all the information in a single bundle. In spite of the abundance of reports, the interface is well organized and clearly structured.

You can easily install the software on your computer although some requirements must be met. Microsoft .NET framework must be present on your system, and your operating system should be above Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008.

Perform a complete AD security audit

ARK for Active Directory enables you to search information on permissions assigned to AD objects and particular attributes on accounts. Moreover, distinct filters can be applied to differentiate various types of strings and dates.

Other features that might prove especially useful to experienced users are the scheduling and exporting options. Reports can be saved to HMTL / CSV / XLSX formats and timed at different intervals of time (daily, monthly, weekly, etc.).

Reports can be compared within the interface with color highlighting and automatically sent to interested individuals withing your organization.

A complete tool for system administrators and experts

ARK for Active Directory is a complex piece of software that offers a plethora of features and options that certain users are going to find extremely useful. The abundance of reports and various filters that can be applied make this software a good choice for the needs of an organization. The secondary functions, such as scheduling, exporting, e-mailing, comparing and advanced search, make your life easier. In conclusion, this application is worth trying out.

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