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Quickly build your webpage and customize blog posts, server configuration or schedule content to be published with this application.

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ARGO Content Generator Description

ARGO Content Generator is a powerful website creator that allows you to automate the process of building a webpage. The program acts as an SEO website generator, being capable of creating an HTML page within a few seconds. You may easily customize and schedule the content to be posted.

Small application, powerful tool

ARGO Content Generator features a small, compact interface with a multitude of options that you can change and a console that displays the status of the website creation. The program is capable of generating doorway pages, content-rich websites or cloned blog sheets within a few minutes.

Moreover, the process is simplified from typing and editing the HTML code to making a few mouse clicks. The integrated CSS generator can help you create Web design, by using one of the multiple templates included in the program. You can choose from a large collection of themes and tools, including the WordPress Auto blogging, SCP client or the keyword permutator.

Create a feature-rich website with little effort

ARGO Content Generator offers you the possibility of integrating a multitude of objects and functions in your website. A few examples are automatic content publishing, multithreading, synonyms finder, interlinking or smart backlinks distribution. You can generate dynamic placeholder systems, create RSS feeds, sitemaps (in HTML or Google modes) and even API support.

ARGO Content Generator also allows you to maintain your website’s rating and keep it at the top of the searching engines’ choices. The Web-scraper components and random content editor are two functions that ensure the dynamics of your website.

View the status of the website generation process

ARGO Content Generator is organized into three tabs, each managing different aspects of the website building: main configuration, CMS automation and the monitoring tab. The latter consists of a console that displays the entire activity log, including errors. The program can measure how much of the CPU and RAM it takes up during the website building process.

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