An easy to use visual programming application for Arduino, allowing users to combine various elements, like communicators or variables.

  • ArduBlock
  • Version :20130814 / 20140828 Beta
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :David Li

Download Now(V20130814)

Download Now(V20140828 Beta)

ArduBlock Description

ArduBlock aims to make working with the Arduino platform much easier. It provides users with a graphical programming tool that can be used for configuring the Arduino micro-controller, without having to write code.

ArduBlock can be used with the Arduino IDE to generate program files that contain instructions for the hardware components to execute. Perhaps its most important strong point is the possibility to arrange commands and functions visually and change the variable values with the help of the mouse. This enables you to get an overview on the configuration and the execution order.

Elements are organized into various categories with suggestive names, so that you can easily find the one you need at a certain point. Each one is displayed in the form of a block that fits together with others, if the syntax is correct.

The array of functions includes common commands (if – else, loop, delay, while, repeat), multiple types of pins, variables and constants, mathematical, logical and trigonometrical operators, storage instructions (read and write the EEPROM memory or SD flash) and communicators (read serial, send message etc.).

Additionally, the output sketch can include TinkerKit Blocks, accelerometers, DFRobot buzzers, various types of sensors (for motion, vibration and tilt, infrared, line tracking, light, grayscale, flame, temperature etc.), as well as modules for interacting with other components, such as joysticks.

Once you finish creating the program, ArduBlock generates the real sketch in the Arduino IDE (opened in the background), allowing you to compare the two sets of instructions. Then, you can easily upload the program to the board.

What ArduBlock actually does is provide you with a way to ‘draw’ the code, instead of writing exact syntax. Therefore, it is suitable for beginners, offering them a way to learn coding and experiment with micro-controller programming.

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