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Export your e-mails to Excel, Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL or other databases using filtering options to select the messages you want.

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Arclab Inbox2DB Description

Arclab Inbox2DB makes it possible for you to collect data from received emails, filter it and export it all to an Excel spreadsheet, Microsoft Access or a SQL Server, MySQL or other type of database that supports ODBC.

Intuitive and fast configuration

Configuring a new data connection shouldn’t pose any problems, as long as you follow the on-screen instructions. Providing support for both POP3 and IMAP mailboxes, Arclab Inbox2DB can monitor your mailbox to find matches for your filtering criteria, extract data from the messages and then export it to the selected target.

You start by specifying your e-mail account and the data source filters, namely keywords that the sender name / address or the subject must contain to be selected by Arclab Inbox2DB. The next step is to choose the connection target, be it an Excel document, an Access database or an ODBC data connection. You can create as many data connections as you want, delete or disable existing ones and change their initial configuration.

Extract data from your emails

What Arclab Inbox2DB actually does is go through all the messages in your inbox looking for messages that fit your criteria. Matching emails are processed by the application and automatically appear in a separate section, where you can view the time they were received, the sender mail address, the recipient and the subject.

The application practically extract specific information (such as e-mail addresses, contact names, phone numbers, ZIP codes and locations) and places it in the target spreadsheet or database table, allowing you to further process it.

Collect and export email information

Arclab Inbox2DB saves you the trouble of having to manually collect and enter data received via e-mail, providing a quick and easy method to gather information from mail web servers. E-mail messages can be automatically deleted once the data is extracted, for privacy protection reasons.

Whether it is a feedback e-mail, an order notification or an online survey, Arclab Inbox2DB can filter and extract data from your mailbox, getting it ready for further processing.

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