A quick and practical application with which to prevent theft and make program code impossible to decipher by applying various security options.

  • AppFuscator
  • Version:2.5.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:66bit

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AppFuscator Description

With all the modern and powerful programming applications, more and more individuals of different experience levels can attempt to create programs. This is done by writing dozens of lines of code, which is difficult to access. In order to prevent theft and others from reverse engineering your projects, you can use tools like AppFuscator to make the code close to impossible to decipher.

Sports a simple and intuitive look

In spite of what you might expect, obfuscating code doesn’t require much programming language, or at least you don’t have to write any expression or lines. As such, all features are kept in a simple and highly-intuitive interface, with a few tabs for assembly and project configuration, or view processing steps.

Easily load project files

You need to consider that applications you target need to be built on the .NET platform for proper functionality. What’s more, you can simply load EXE or DLL files directly by dragging them over the main window, or browsing with the integrated file explorer.

A few security options to manage

Imported elements are enlisted in a so-called assembly list, along with name and version. Next to the list are a few settings you get to manage and trigger for the obfuscation process. The number of options is not much, with several check boxes that merge all elements in the assembly, enable library mode, do a string encryption or apply class decomposition.

These settings are strictly dedicated to assembly, but the project configuration panel doesn’t offer more. You are given the possibility to enable a watermark by writing down a custom password and message, as well as the protection system which can be simple, smart or none at all.

To sum it up

All things considered, we can safely state that AppFuscator is a fast and reliable application that makes sure your projects are impossible to reverse engineer so that code remains confidential. The simple design quickly gets you up and running, with a tabbed structure, support for drag and drop, while no programming knowledge is required.

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