A tool for re-engineering Android APK files quickly and easily for many operations no matter their nature and legal-wise actions.

  • ApkTool
  • Version:2.2.3
  • License :Apache License 2.0
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Brut.alll

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ApkTool Description

ApkTool addresses old-school Android app programmers because of its lack of graphical user interface as well as its rather simple take on the whole matter.

As technology progresses on a daily basis, so the major operating systems, whether the are meant for desktop or mobile usage. This is the case of the Android operating system for mobile devices, primarily smart phones and tablets. Just to try comprehending the grandeur of the Android universe, as of the 3rd of September 2013, the number of activated Android devices has reached one billion.

Take matters into your own hands

It only took almost five years for Android to overcome that value and it continuously increases as each and every new version of the operating system adds value as well as new features and optimizations in the constant battle of achieving a new level of functionality and innovation. The main advantage of Android is the plethora of applications especially created for the users.

There are many ways to install an Android app on your device including the official Google Play store, the Amazon Appstore or just by getting it from a third-party website. The last method makes use of the direct APK file and the ApkTool is one of the many application software created for the resource decoding process through reverse engineering. Simply put, ApkTool undoes the job of the packing application procedure.

Some degree of knowledge required

Although ApkTool can be surely utilized in some unorthodox ways, its development team does not support any illegal activity that may include this particular piece of software. It is intended for various debugging and, implicitly, bug fixing or even feature addition purposes. The required level of know-how does not recommend it to novice users, as well.

Just be sure to have Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer for the application to perfectly function.

A few last words

To sum it all up, ApkTool represents an Android third-party app decoder for closed, binary packages. ApkTool can help you debug small code on a step-by-step operation, while also rebuilding the initial file structure of the projects in order to supply you with improved ease-of-use.

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