Extract applications and APKs from your Android device, with this easy-to-use application that features a command-line based interface.

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APKPull Description

Android device users who wish to extract their APKs and other applications into their PCs, might have difficulties in doing that manually. APKPull is a utility that was developed to offer people an easy and efficient way of extracting user, system or all applications from their Android devices with no additional trouble.

Command-line based interface that offers easy handling thanks to on-screen switches

APKPull provides users with a basic interface that relies on the operating system’s command-line editor, where all the interaction will be taking place. Featuring four main commands, the utility can be used be just inputting the number corresponding to the on-screen switch.

Provided that they have connected their Android devices and confirmed the USB debugging mode, users will then be able to press “1” for extracting the user applications, “2” for the system applications and “3” for all the applications. The process can be canceled by pressing 4.

Extract Android applications to your PC, with this utility that might lack advanced features

People will be able to extract the applications from their Android devices with ease and this way avoid manually doing so, therefore saving time. However, as straightforward as this application might be when it comes to extracting Android apps with ease, it does feature several downsides.

For instance, the location of the directories where the extracted applications will be placed, cannot be chosen and are provided by default. Furthermore, users do not have the option to add filters to the extraction process, which might lead to unnecessary long elapsed times.

Average software solution for those who wish to quickly extract applications and APKs from their Android devices

This application addresses people who require an efficient way of extracting applications from their Android devices. It will offer them an accessible package that features a command-line based interface that can be operated using four predefined switches. Users will be able to extract either their personal or system applications and the utility also provides the option to extract them all together.

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