APFill Ink Coverage Calculator

Enables you to easily calculate the amount of ink and toner required for a page or image, as well as information on the colors used.

  • APFill Ink Coverage Calculator
  • Version :5.9.6235
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AVPSoft

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APFill Ink Coverage Calculator Description

Given how Printer Ink is one of the most expensive liquids in the world, and, some argue that by volume, it is more expensive than gold, it seems prudent to use it wisely and sparingly. APFill – Ink Coverage Meter is an application that allows users to preview how much ink and toner will be used for a particular page or image.

A minimal interface that can be a bit confusing, but is backed up by help documentation

When APFill – Ink Coverage Meter is first opened, the interface can be a bit confusing, the screen is mostly blank and offers only four buttons along the toolbar. Each one seems complicated at first and some users might be lost at what to do. Fortunately, the application is backed up by robust help documentation that clearly explains how to begin, and, how to use the program fully, although the help is online, so an internet connection is required.

The four different available modes can scan or analyze different forms of printable elements. Users can capture areas of the screen, scan a particular types of image files, either images or documents. Or APFill – Ink Coverage Meter can do a scan specifically for CMYK  cartridges – cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black) – for printers that work in that specific format.

An expensive application that offers features that could help users save money in the long term

While APFill – Ink Coverage Meter does have a price tag attached, there is a real possibility for the program to pay for itself in the long run. The different types of scans accurately display, in a separate window, exactly how much ink is required and what areas are using the most ink.

The highly detailed breakdown of information, allows users to customize or even remove troubled areas that are too inefficient in ink if need be. If a printer is running low, it would take only a single scan and a moment of study, to decide if the printer could manage to successfully print a particular document. The application also includes detailed Greyscale information for purely black and white printers.

However, a downside is that the information is very technical, in some cases it needs to put into a spreadsheet for specific calculations. More effort on the side of APFill – Ink Coverage Meter could be made to handle that automatically.

The program provides helpful, detailed information that can be time consuming, but worthwhile

All in all, APFill – Ink Coverage Meter is clearly a useful program, especially for those who print regularly, yet also want to save money. While the application is overly complicated in areas and displays information in a particularly non user friendly format, it does perform a valid and in some cases, essential service.

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