ApexSQL Diff

An intuitive and simple to use application that allows you to compare two SQL Server database files at the same time and optionally synchronize them.

  • ApexSQL Diff
  • Version :2017.03.0479 / 2017.03.0485 Patch
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Apex SQL Tools

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ApexSQL Diff Description

ApexSQL Diff is a reliable software solution that enables you to compare two Microsoft SQL Server database files. The software highlights the differences between them and allows you to also synchronize the data from the two files, if you wish. The software is accessible and features a friendly interface.

Quick database comparison

ApexSQL Diff is specialized in working with Microsoft SQL Server database files and allows you to compare two such documents in parallel, then highlight the differences or the matching objects. The software allows you to establish the connection to the dedicated server and database file, then test its stability. Comparing the two files requires a strong and stable connection.

Testing the database connection prior to the beginning of the process can indicate if errors are likely to occur during the comparison. If the connection stands, you can proceed to the database comparison. The software supports both live databases and offline snapshots, that contain the schema and complete information. Moreover, the software can perform an exact match of the objects or allow a specific degree of similarity, that you can manually set.

Quick data synchronization

The software offers you the possibility of synchronizing the data in the two files quickly and without loss of information. Also, it can identify interdatabase dependencies, in order to ensure the correct object order in synchronization scripts. Another useful function is the comparison filter. Thus, you can manually select certain tables that need to be excepted from the analysis.

Additionally, you can set the software to compare databases regardless if their owner/schemas are identical or not. The text display panel is another powerful function featured in ApexSQL Diff and it allows you to view the differences in the text or scripts in different lines, colors or characters.

User-friendly application for database comparison

With ApexSQL Diff comparing databases is made easy, fast and thorough. Not only can the software automatically compare databases with identical names, but you can insert a certain level of similitude tolerance, matching partial words and ignoring tables. Additionally, you can synchronize the information, for instance in databases from different owners.

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