ApexSQL Audit

A complex and reliable program functioning as an audit trail generation and reporting tool for Microsoft SQL Server, which you can rely on.

  • ApexSQL Audit
  • Version :2017.04.1362
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Apex SQL Tools

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ApexSQL Audit Description

ApexSQL Audit is an advanced and useful software solution developed to help you perform a variety of database auditing tasks, enabling you to determine who operated certain modifications and at what precise moment, by means of custom triggers.

Initial configuration steps

Subsequent to the setup process, you can get started and connect to your database; the application supports several Microsoft SQL Server versions, including 2014, 2012, 2008 and 2005.

To establish the connection, you need to specify the server you wish to connect to, either local or from your network, pick the preferred authentication method, then select the database you intend to work with from a dedicated menu.

Perform database audits with minimal effort

After loading the information from your database, ApexSQL Audit will display it in its main window, allowing you to save the current project or session, as well as create or manage the triggers for the server. You can also generate ‘Standard’, ‘Aggregate’ and ‘Schema Changes’ reports.

The ‘Advanced’ tab of the program lets you customize the database architecture type, being able to decide which scripts to use by checking their corresponding boxes, then installing it on your server.

Moreover, from the ‘View’ section of ApexSQL Audit, you can activate ‘Filters’ and apply them to your database, in order to only show the entries that you need to work with. From this location, you can also enable or disable the display of dedicated panels for ‘Lookups’, ‘Triggers’, ‘Watches’, ‘Row Key’ or ‘Fields.

The integrated script editor helps you edit and customize the contents and functionality of your SQL triggers. Optionally, the utility allows you to use an external editor, if the built-in one does not satisfy your needs.

A handy tool for generating database trails

To conclude, ApexSQL Audit is a powerful and efficient application that can successfully assist you in analyzing data changes occurring in the contents of your Microsoft SQL Server, by enabling you to create and apply custom scripts where needed, to monitor  the update, insert or delete statements.

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