Apache HTTP Server

One of the most popular web servers to date that is powerful, flexible and HTTP/1.1 compliant in sync with the current HTTP standards.

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Apache HTTP Server Description

The Apache HTTP Server is the top choice of users looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful Web server on Softpedia as well as worldwide. Started back in 1995, the project has quickly escalated into the number one spot and never let go of it.

The GUI of Apache HTTP Server is very basic and holds just the essentials. Entitled Apache Service Monitor, this window allows you to start, restart and stop the server, quickly access the Windows’ Services panel and also create connections to remote computers.

Once you fire up the HTTP server, you can easily check its state by navigating to `http://localhost/` within the web browser of your choice. You should be presented with a blank page with the words `It works!` in the top-left corner. Otherwise, the installation did not succeeded and you may have to verify whether the 80 TCP port is already used by another application.

In order to start adding your website to the server, you just have to copy its contents within the `htdocs` folder of the Apache installation directory. You can add multiple compiled modules and thus expand the operational spectrum of the core. This HTTP server supports programming language interfaces such as PHP, Perl or Python as well as a plethora of authentication schemes.

Web pages stored on the server are being compressed using an external extension module, the `mod_gzip`, while their protection relies on the `ModSecurity` intrusion detection and prevention system. Apache HTTP Server is fully customizable through its own configuration files or third-party modules.

Being present in most top web server distributions (HTTP, MySQL and PHP), the Apache HTTP Server is highly regarded and utilized by most web developers. Its performances resemble those of expensive high-performance web servers, while the `MultiProcessing Modules` provide the necessary power and configuration maneuverability.

Apache HTTP Server is the starting point for any website. It has been tested throughout by the web developing community and never failed to deliver great results. No matter your web knowledge level, this very flexible server can prove to be the exact thing you look for when searching for a serious solution to your HTTP sever needs.

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