An easy to use, yet powerful application that allows network booting of computers in the same LAN, providing a simple network maintenance mode.

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AOMEI PXE Boot Free Description

AOMEI PXE Boot Free is a powerful utility designed to ease the work of network administrators by allowing them to boot computers in the same LAN from an image file in the network.

Its advantages are obvious if you think about a network with a large number of computers, since it enables the administrator to deploy Windows or other operating systems on multiple workstations much easier.

The application is also available via AOMEI Backupper Server, but you can download it separately as well. Its goal is to help administrators boot one or more computers from a shared image file, reducing the time needed for network maintenance.

The Preboot eXecution Environment or in short, PXE requires a PXE-enabled network interface controller in order to launch the service and allow network booting. For the operation to succeed, AOMEI PXE Boot Free must be launched with administrative rights.

A big plus that AOMEI PXE Boot Free brings is the possibility to define the bootable image that will be used for network booting. It supports bootable ISO images hosted on your computer or Windows PE / Linux images created with AOMEI Backupper.

The application is easy to use, displaying a straightforward interface with a minimum set of options. You can choose the booting source and start the service with just the push of a button. As soon as you do this, the PXE server is up and running.

The BIOS boot mode of client computers has to be set as “Network boot” and the LAN PXE Boot option must be enabled for the image to be accessed.

AOMEI PXE Boot Free comes in handy to network administrators who are responsible for the maintenance of many computers, having to periodically re-install the system.

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