Create lush, unique environments for miniature rails by combining different scenery and track elements with support from rich editing options.

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AnyRail Description

Everyone has a preferred activity that converts your free time in a bunch of fun hours either spent doing nothing or invested in a hobby. A computer lets you push your imagination to the limits through the variety of applications, games and multimedia content. A suitable example is AnyRail, giving you the possibility to design miniature rail tracks and environments either for fun or as a blueprint for full-scale projects.

Customizable grid and details to be displayed

You’re greeted by the familiar Office suite environment, fitted with the clever ribbon toolbar that is sure to make accommodation the least of your worries. This means most of the space is your canvas which you can fit with a customizable grid to snap objects to it and add rulers for more accuracy.

A neat advantage is that the application lets you create and work with multiple layers, and this greatly comes in handy considering the abundance and diversity of objects you can add. Technical elements are displayed at the press of a button, with entries for roadbed, trace, track ends, labels, part numbers, section name and usage, slope details, text, rulers, lines and surfaces.

Rich library of scenery and track elements

The application comes with an impressive array of built-in objects and tracks you can add. Multiple libraries can be kept active to combine different elements, but your workspace gets crowded, with no options to merge them.

Popular scenery and track elements are found in dedicated tabs, with entries such as Viessmann, Fleischman, Hornby, P├ęgase, LEGO, Peco, Thiel and a lot more. Tracks can be automatically combined for enhanced creation and editing options make sure size, color and format are not limited, nor limits for creativity.

However, your projects only consist of visual design, with no library for train models or simulation systems. As such, export options let you save under different image formats like JPG, BMP, PNG or GIF, as well as files compatible with Collada 3D, Trainplayer and JMRI Layout.

A few last words

All things considered, we can safely state that AnyRail is a powerful visual design application with which you can create lush, fun and unique environments for miniature rail tracks, making it easier to build a full-scale project. The interface gets you up and running in a jiffy, while the rich library of content and editing options make sure you’re only limited by your imagination.

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