AnTuTu Benchmark

Test your device’s capabilities in terms of 3D rendering, RAM calculations, CPU processing speed and user experience with this app.

  • AnTuTu Benchmark
  • Version : Beta 5
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Antutu

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AnTuTu Benchmark Description

If you wonder about your computer’s capabilities in various situations, say, gaming or running multiple applications at once, you probably should use a benchmark tool to help you figure out these parameters.

AnTuTu Benchmark is one of the applications that can help you achieve quick results, as it provides you with data regarding 3D rendering, RAM calculations and user experience.

Easy to install

Given that it is a Windows Store application, you can deploy this program to your computer in a quick, efficient manner by simply following some on-screen instructions.

First of all, you need to navigate to this product’s page on Windows Store and then click the “Get App” button. The installation process begins shortly and requires no additional assistance on your side.

Benchmark your device efficiently

This program can help you observe and analyze your computer’s flaws and strengths by running various tests against it and providing you with the results shortly after.

After you launch this application, you can click the large “Test” button on your screen, which starts the benchmark. This process will analyze your computer’s 3D rendering abilities, the RAM calculations, the CPU processing speed and the user experience.

Compare results

AnTuTu Benchmark provides you with a series of results for each of the analyzed traits and creates a total score, which you can view on the main screen. Also, you are provided with a QR code that you can share with your friends, if you want to brag about how powerful your “rig” is.

The results can also be compared against a few devices, but, for now, it is only possible to compare against mobile devices, since this application was originally designed for smartphones.

Handy benchmark tool that lets you compare your results against other devices’

All in all, AnTuTu Benchmark is a reliable application that lets you test your computer’s capabilities and compare your results against other devices in a quick, convenient manner. It analyzez 3D rendering, RAM calculations, CPU processing speed and user experience.

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