A simple and effective application that you can use whenever you fear you have become the target of keylogger tools, as it can find and remove them.

  • AntiLogger
  • Version :2017 (1.23)
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Abelssoft

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AntiLogger Description

AntiLogger is a user-friendly and effective piece of software functioning as a security instrument that can instantly detect the existence of keyloggers on your computer, allowing you to permanently get rid of them.

Clear-cut and intuitive usage

The application experiences a very quick and uneventful setup, after which it automatically launches minimized to your system tray and scans your system for any threats.

The main window of AntiLogger is quite simple and straightforward, making it accessible even for inexperienced individuals, its clean interface posing no difficulty whatsoever.

Instantly find and remove keyloggers from your system

Keyloggers are a kind of software whose main purpose resides in monitoring and recording every keystroke on your computer, for more or less honorable purposes. While an antivirus can fight against them, you also have the option of using a specialized tool for maximum protection, like AntiLogger.

Immediately after installation, AntiLogger will scan your computer to determine if there are any programs acting suspiciously.  Some of the detected items may not really pose a threat to your security (for instance File Explorer from Windows), in which case you can just ignore it.

However, when a malicious keylogging tool is found, AntiLogger will issue a warning, allowing you to decide how to deal with the threat. You can easily ignore it if you do not see any danger in it, but you can also remove it from your computer just by pressing the corresponding button in the lower right corner.

A handy keylogger remover

To summarize, AntiLogger is a useful and simple to understand utility that you can resort to should you think that your keyboard input is being tracked and recorded. The tool will detect any software with suspicious behavior, then let you opt for the best solution.

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