AntiAlias VST

Improve the audio quality of your sampling by removing the harmonics that may occur following the oversampling of the input signal with this plug-in.

  • AntiAlias VST
  • Version :5.7.2
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ExperimentalScene

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AntiAlias VST Description

Aliasing is a term commonly used in signal processing and other related disciplines, which refers to the situations when an effect creates distinct signals to become indistinguishable.

In the music production industry, the term is also known as distortion or an artifact that can occur when you are reconstructing a signal from various samples and that is different from the original sample.

Almost all notch filter that you use for mastering the sample is bound to create an unwanted side-effect.  Narrow bandwidths can cause irritating and noticeable ringing artifacts, whereas the higher bandwidths, unfortunately, increase the degradation of the desired signal.

While you may be thinking of using comb filters to remove the harmonics, let us not forget that you have no control over the number of “teeth” they have as the notches are getting closer to the Nyquist frequency.

Generally speaking, to address this issue you need to rely on an anti-aliasing filter that should be applied to the analog input prior to the sampling. However, there are times when the same effect can occur after you process the signal, more precisely after you oversample and then filter it.

AntiAlias VST is a high quality mastering effect for the purpose of removing aliasing from the input signal following the oversampling and filtering operations. Since removing the effect leads to hearing less high-frequency harmonics, the plug-in can help you enhance the overall quality of your samples.

System requirements

  • Sound Card
  • VSTHost

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