Secure your computer against hackers and other digital threats by relying on this simple application that comes with a simple user interface.

  • Anti-Hacker
  • Version :13.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :(BlackBox) Hacker

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Anti-Hacker Description

WARNING: The developer has stopped supporting Anti-Hacker because of the DLL Firewall Injection vulnerability but you can still download Anti-Hacker and patch it yourself!

Maintaining your computer’s security at high levels is an important concern nowadays, since both malware components and hackers’ perspicacity are growing stronger.

Since preventing an attack is easier and more efficient than cleaning up after one, Anti-Hacker, a lightweight security solution, might prove to be a helpful tool if you find yourself in this situation.

Note that Anti-Hacker requires .NET Framework, DoNotSpy10, Windows Firewall and User Account Control to operate as intended.

Simple security tool with a limited amount of functions

This application does not require any installation, as it is portable, it does not create any additional files on your PC nor does it modify Windows registry entries.

It comes with a plain user interface that allows you to access few functions that can help you protect your PC against unwanted content.

Allows you to set the UAC to its highest value directly from the application

One of the aforementioned functions is that Anti-Hacker allows you to patch the UAC, which sets it to the highest level of protection. This feature prevents any applications from applying any modifications to your computer.

It is possible to revert the above configuration to its default values only by navigating to the corresponding section in the Control Panel and making the adjustments manually. This application does not provide any Undo functions.

Turns off firewall, sets incoming and outgoing rules

Pressing the Patch Firewall button is supposed to boost your computer security by defining certain firewall rules. This application does apply the rules, but it also turns the Firewall off afterward.

More so, during our testing, clicking the Guest Account button did not apply any modifications to the user account, but only displayed an “Account Enabled” status message.

To sum it up, Anti-Hacker is a lightweight application that can help you secure your computer by setting the UAC to its highest security level. Unfortunately, patching the Firewall and enabling the Guest account might not yield the expected feedback.

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