ANTAMEDIA Internet Cafe Software

A complex and powerful application that can help you manage an entire Internet cafe enterprise, ranging from billing to product sale.

  • ANTAMEDIA Internet Cafe Software
  • Version :8.0.8
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ANTAMEDIA

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ANTAMEDIA Internet Cafe Software Description

Managing a gaming center or Internet cafe is not as easy as it seems, because a lot of things need to be taken into consideration, such as customer misuse or billing time for each administrated computer.

With the help of ANTAMEDIA Internet Cafe Software, you can considerably ease off your work. The program helps you secure and enhance the quality of billed computer use, by recording the time used by customers to browse, play games, use other applications, perform calls or print papers.

Reliable tool for managing an Internet cafe

The application provides you with an efficient way of monitoring and billing Internet cafe clients, by registering the time they spend on any of your computers. Furthermore, you can protect your computer from customer misuse, by restricting access to certain programs or files that might affect your machine if tampered with.

This way, inexperienced clients will only have access to the programs they are allowed to use, being unable to manipulate system files or other applications.

Intuitive monitoring utility for multiple computers

ANTAMEDIA Internet Cafe Software can help you easily administrate an Internet cafe or gaming center, by registering and billing your customers to a central machine that is under your supervision.

By blocking access to certain files and applications on each computer you manage, you can keep them safe from misuse. Every bill you create can be customized to the detail, by adding logos or other text decorations, depending on your preferences.

A study and powerful program for computer time billing

To conclude, ANTAMEDIA Internet Cafe Software offers you an efficient and secure way of managing each computer from your Internet cafe or gaming center, by monitoring them and the time each customer spends on each one. Bills are automatically generated and they can be customized to fit your business.

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