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Download your favorite video files from various websites without leaving the browser with the help of this useful and reliable Firefox extension.

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Ant Video Downloader Description

Ant Video Downloader, as it’s name suggests is a lightweight and powerful tool that you can use to download video clips from various websites.

It’s created as an extension for the popular Firefox web browser and only works with that application alone. You install it just like any other extension, easy and fast. A thing that is somehow different from other extensions is the fact that it allows you to view it in different forms in your browser. You can display it as an add-on bar, toolbar or in compact mode, as a small icon next to the search bar. This way you can place it in such a way that it doesn’t take up too much space and grants you quick access to it.

The extension automatically detects a downloadable clip as you play it and immediately presents you with the download choices. According to its upload quality, you can download any clip from low to HD quality. Of course this takes its toll on your download speed and bandwidth.

While downloading, the extension displays the downloads library that shows you the transfer speed and estimated remaining time. When a clip is finally saved to your computer, you can choose to open it with a third party application installed on your PC or use the player that the extension provides you with. During download it keeps track of all the videos you grab and stores them in a playlist. This comes in very handy when the sole purpose of the application is to download music videos.

The player can be opened in a new tab or in a new window and also offers you a search function in case the number of videos is too big for you to simply scroll around and look for the one you want.

In closing, Ant Video Downloader is by all means a simple to use and reliable video downloader that can grab for you any video from a website that specializes in this kind of content.

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