Analyze and interpret mathematical expressions and LaTeX strings where you can insert less-known variables with this lightweight program.

  • AnEasyCalc
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  • License :Shareware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Stemwater labs

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AnEasyCalc Description

AnEasyCalc is a lightweight and fairly easy to handle with software solution that you can resort to for calculating simple as well as complex mathematical operations, generating Latex strings and saving the results to RTF format files.

Simplistic and intuitive looks

The program goes through a brief installation, after which it allows you to begin work with it right away, much of its functionality being quite evident and straightforward.

The main window of AnEasyCalc displays the buttons you can use for creating the expressions and checking them, following which you can also compute and obtain the result on the spot.

Perform advanced math operations in no time

The application features a virtual keyboard with numbers and letters, as well as mathematical operation signs (including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, but also more complex ones, like trigonometry).

After entering your expression in the dedicated field, AnEasyCalc allows you to perform a check and ensure everything is correct, before proceeding with the computation. Should it find an error, it will report it to you so that you can fix it.

At the same time, the LaTex string is generated and displayed, enabling you to copy and integrate it into other projects with ease. Subsequent to computing your expression, the program displays the result in the ‘Output Table’ and lets you save it to an RTF format file.

Moreover, AnEasyCalc enables you to configure a series of LaTex options and define the preferred tag, keyword, numerical format and style, with several choices to pick from for each one.

A handy math calculator and Latex string generator

To conclude, AnEasyCalc is a reliable and effective application that can assist you in calculating advanced mathematical operations and generating the corresponding Latex strings, in little to no time.

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