ANALOG Projects

Send a powerful message via your photos by applying a stunning retro effect that you can further tweak with the dozens of filters available via this tool.

  • ANALOG Projects
  • Version :3.21.02375
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Franzis Verlag GmbH

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ANALOG Projects Description

If you are looking for a filter that can help you make even the most mundane subject look artistic and well-composed, then few things raise up to vintage filters. As the name suggests, ANALOG Projects is an application that enables you to explore and experiment with the wonders of the retro and vintage styles.

Allows you to prepare the image for post-processing

The program comes with a sleek and modern interface that features several panels you can dock in any convenient location on your screen. The option can come in handy if you feel that you could use a larger working space as it enables you to examine the details of your picture more minutely.

The application comes with an Image preparation function whose role is to help you define the settings of the collection of photos you are going to work on. While you have several options for color space conversion and white balance, if you are just getting started it is best to go with the standard settings.

On the other hand, advanced users have the possibility to make several adjustments at this point so that they can avoid incorrect color rendering later on. Moreover, they can fix the color cast that occurred when the shots were taken, such as cloudy sky, fog or candlelight, for example.

Includes over one hundred filters that you can customize

It is worth mentioning that the utility comes with dozens of presets and inspiring looks that you can freely adjust so that they meet your photography style or convey the message you are aiming for. Among the filters you can use to enhance your pictures, you can count projection, weighted black/white point, sepia tones, aura or polar filters.

In case you are not very about what you are aiming for with the pictures or want to experiment with the filters, then you can enable the real-time processing and view the effects right away. If they are not suitable, then you can just undo them right away.

An excellent tool for the retro photography style fans

Regardless of whether you are preparing a collection that revolves around the idea of the beauty in the simplest of things or you want to enhance an image so that it sends a powerful messages, ANALOG Projects can lend you a hand.

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