Anaglyph Workshop

Seamlessly create anaglyphs from single pictures, dual image pairs or depthmaps, resize and crop pictures, and make other adjustments.

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Anaglyph Workshop Description

With the help of Anaglyph Workshop you can seamlessly turn pictures into anaglyphs, whether we are talking about single or dual images.

This is an advanced tool that features a few approachable options for all user levels, so you don’t have to rely on heavy graphic editing experience to work with it.

Create anaglyphs in single or batch mode

The setup procedure is speedy and requires minimal user intervention. As for the interface, the program opts for a simple window that has options lined up for single and bulk processing mode.

Anaglyphs can be generated from single regular images or depthmap, dual images, or Holmes card. Supported file types include BMP, JPEG, GIF, PICT, PNG, TIF and PSD.

Configure settings and save images

You can make rectangular, Lasso or line Lasso selections, choose the channels (e.g. yellow and blue, blue and yellow, green and magenta), adjust the depth level, print scaled to fit, enter full screen mode, reset the picture to its original parameters, resize and crop it, as well as save the selection and convert the photograph to anaglyph mode.

Evaluation and conclusion

Conversion jobs were carried out swiftly in our tests, during which the utility remained light on system resources usage. No error dialogs popped up, and the app didn’t hang or crash.

All in all, Anaglyph Workshop features a fast and effective solution to turning images into anaglyphs in single or batch mode, and it can be handled by anyone with ease.

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