Run various tests on loudspeakers according to user-defined parameters, by using this straightforward application that features an expandable database.

  • Amplion
  • Version:2.2 / 2.3 Beta
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Antonín Richter

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Amplion Description

Amplion is a nifty utility that can various simulations for a loudspeaker model provided by the user. The information it makes available is for advanced users.

No installation required

The tool works right out of the box, with no need to go through an installation procedure; just double-click the executable file in order to have access to the application window.

The interface is straightforward and it could seem quite overwhelming for a user not accustomed with technical audio details. Even more seasoned ones could find themselves in deep waters were it not for the tooltips available for every parameter available in the interface.

Find the right speaker and calculate its capabilities

Providing the make and model of the loudspeaker is quite easy, especially since the developer added a database with the supported items and you can choose the one you’re interested in.

All the boxes are immediately filled with the necessary data, and some of them, along with certain parameters, are customizable.

The application also provides settings for the enclosure type (closed, vented, 4th order bypass); again, some of the parameters can be modified in order to provide more accurate results.

The last tab in the application is reserved for formulas that are used to calculate the results. It is a long and complicated list, too technical for the uninitiated.

Flexible simulation tool for loudspeakers

Amplion may appear as a simple tool but it provides a complicated set of options that is comprehensive but far from easy to understand for the average user.

The easiest part in the tool is adding the a specific loudspeaker since it offers a significant database of items that can be enriched by the user by adding new elements with the required parameters.

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