Amazon Music

A reliable and efficient application functioning as a music player that enables you to listen to songs and albums from your computer or the Amazon cloud.

  • Amazon Music
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher, Inc.

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Amazon Music Description

Amazon Music is a complex yet very user-friendly piece of software aimed to offer you the ability of listening and downloading the songs from your Amazon account, allowing you to play any and all your favorite music with ease.

Practical and intuitive appearance

Bear in mind that in order to be able to benefit from the functions of the application, you need to login or create an account, as you will have to provide authentication credentials to get started.

Amazon Music’s interface is quite attractive and easy to handle, resorting to tabs to organize its various functions and features, for simple access, enabling you to switch between ‘Cloud’ and ‘Computer’ with a single mouse click.

Effortlessly purchase, download and play songs from Amazon or your PC

The program will detect other music players on your system, for instance iTunes or Windows Media Player and automatically load the tracks from them into Amazon Music, grouping them into the appropriate artists, albums, songs and genres. Similarly, music can be exported to other players of your choice.

You can also manually configure the utility to grab songs from a specific folder on your system, allowing you to play them afterward, in queue, shuffle or repeat mode, even having the possibility of creating playlists just by drag and dropping items from their category into the dedicated area.

Moreover, you have the option of purchasing music from the Amazon store and automatically downloading it to your computer. The ‘Search’ function enables you to locate any song inside your local library or in the Store, retrieving the matching results and letting you listen to your favorite pieces in just moments.

A reliable audio player with enhanced functionality

Overall, Amazon Music proves to be a handy and efficient audio playing tool, suitable for you particularly if you are in the habit of acquiring songs and albums from the Amazon store and wish to simplify the process, by conducting all related operations (purchase, download and listen) in a single location.

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