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Create eye-catching presentations, slideshows or screensavers by resorting to this easy-to-use application that allows you to customize your project in many ways.

  • Amazing Slideshow Maker
  • Version:3.5.8
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Amazing-Share

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Amazing Slideshow Maker Description

If you are due to give a presentation to an auditorium you want to impress, you may want your message to be conveyed in a dynamic manner that should easily reach them.

This is precisely what an application such as Amazing Slideshow Maker is designed to help you succeed at, what with its ability to create catchy slideshows, greetings, presentations or screensavers you can customize in lots of ways.

Create presentations using images, music, and videos

First of all, you need to know that the program’s interface is easy to navigate and that starting a new project should not be demanding in any way. You should simply add photos you can apply several tweaks to.

You may, for instance, adjust their brightness and contrast, crop them, rotate them to an angle that suits your needs, zoom them in or out, or try out some basic effects on them.

However, your presentation can include videos too, and once again, there are a few modifications you can make in this case. You can crop them, disable audio, and specify their length.

Try out the slideshow maker’s templates

Going further down the line, you must know that there are a series of templates at your disposal you can use in order to breathe some life into your slideshow. Their diversity is a welcome point, and the fact that you can attach a song to your presentation is another great resource.

If you prefer your project to be on the cheery side, you can enrich it with all sorts of decorations, and the same applies to text strings. What’s more, there are some predefined sounds you can resort to and personalize your project.

A host of output file formats are available

The “Decorate” section is also where you can choose a frame for your project as well as indicate the transition effects you want between your slides.

As for the output file formats, you can turn your presentation into an SWF or HTML, an EXE, a clip whose quality you can change, or an HTML5 video. What’s more, the program enables you to create your own screensaver you can easily run on your computer.

Easy-to-use tool helping you create slideshows, presentations, screensavers

All in all, Amazing Slideshow Maker is an approachable piece of software that helps you create dynamic presentation and slideshows using photos, music, and videos, as well as a multitude of decorations, transition effects, and whatnot.

It requires no tiring trial and error in order to discover its full potential, so it proves to be a solution aimed at all users alike, regardless of their computer knowledge.

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