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Runs your utilities as Windows services, managing and monitoring them constantly to ensure 100% uptime, lets you set up e-mail notifications and generate activity reports.

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AlwaysUp Description

AlwaysUp is a software application that enables you to log and manage your programs in a more efficient manner, as well as create reports pertaining to the activity in the last few days.

Simple layout

The installation process is a piece of cake, while the interface presents quite a minimal and clear-cut design. It is comprised of a menu bar, several buttons and a pane in which to display a list of applications being monitored.

Moreover, comprehensive and well-drawn Help contents are provided, thus ensuring that you can easily work with this program, regardless of your previous experience with computers.

Select the executable and choose user

In order to start logging and managing an app, you are required to input a pretty large amount of information, as well as configure parameters according to your needs.

To be more precise, you have to select the EXE with the help of a file browser, choose when to start it and establish its priority. It is possible to make it run on a specified user account and hide it from other users.

Creating e-mail alerts and restarting apps

You can set up AlwaysUp to restart apps that have stopped, as well as terminate them if they hang longer than a specified time period, if memory or CPU usage is too great and on a custom schedule.

It is possible to create e-mail notifications and adjust multiple parameters regarding them, so that you can always keep track of what is happening on your computer.

Create shortcuts and reports

All jobs are listed in the main window as a list, they can be started, stopped and refreshed with just a click of the button, while you can also create shortcuts for each and every task at a custom location, so that you can deploy them faster.

Last but not least, you can generate activity reports using an HTML file extension and access multiple Windows tools, such as the Task Manager, Computer Management and Event Viewer.

Evaluation and conclusion

The system’s performance is not going to be burdened at all, seeing that CPU and memory usage is quite low, regardless of the process under way. All tasks are going to be completed in a timely fashion and the interface is easily accessible to all users.

Talking all of this into consideration, we can safely say AlwaysUp is a pretty powerful and efficient piece of software, which did not freeze or hangs in our tests.

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