Alternate Firebird Copy

Copy tables from within two Firebird or Interbase databases with this compact application that comes packed with a basic SQL editor.

  • Alternate Firebird Copy
  • Version:1.570
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:AlternateTools

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Alternate Firebird Copy Description

Alternate Firebird Copy is an application that was created in order to help users handle tables that are contained in Firebird or Interbase databases. It will allow them to easily select the preferred databases and copy the required tables.

Featuring a basic interface, Alternate Firebird Copy will provide the means of easily selecting the required databases through its file browsers. Once the source and destination databases have been established, people will be able to select which tables to copy from the source database.

The application will provide the options to create file backups when running the copying process and experienced users will have access to a series of log files. In order to increase the handling efficiency, the utility will offer basic table selection tools that are meant at helping users choose the tables that are required for copying.

In order to come in aid for demanding users, the application also includes a minimalist SQL editor, that will allow them to select a database and performs various queries. The SQL statements can be saved and the results of the queries can be exported for further use.

By using the included SQL editor, people can define specific table operations and selection processes, that otherwise could have been impossible to achieve through a simple copy operation. Since the used SQL queries can be saved for later use, that means that people will be able to reiterate the selection process much easier, by using their templates.

System requirements

  • At least 2.9 MB of free disk space.

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