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Keep a secure private journal, organize entries, search for information, import and export data, with this simple software solution.

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Alpha Journal Pro Description

Whether you want to want to write down your personal thoughts or store important business records on a day-by-day basis, it helps to have a simple and secure way of performing these tasks on your personal computer.

Alpha Journal Pro is a handy application that allows you to keep an encrypted digital journal, organize data into multiple sections and sub-entries, as well as export information to various file formats.

Manage multiple encrypted databases

When launching the application for the first time, you are required to create your first database, where all future journal entries are to be stored. This file needs to be encrypted with a master password, ensuring that no unauthorized users can gain access to your private information.

It is possible to synchronize the current database with another one of your choice and specify whether the source or target file should be prioritized when similar content is detected in both databases.

You can import or export entries to and from RTF or TXT documents, as well as create a backup copy of the current database.

Organize entries

Alpha Journal Pro allows you to split a database into multiple sections, representing separate journals stored within the same file.

Each section consists of dated entries, organized in an intuitive tree structure. Additionally, each entry can contain any number of sub-entries, enabling you to split the information added on a specific day into multiple notes.

Insert various types of objects and search for information

It is possible to add links to other entries, allowing you to quickly navigate to them. Moreover, you can insert pictures, text templates and symbols.

The application offers a powerful search function, enabling you to find information by scanning specific entries and sub-entries.

Overall, Alpha Journal Pro is a useful tool, designed to help you store data in journal form within password-protected databases. It is relatively easy-to-use, but features an unimpressive and rather outdated interface.

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