AlomWare Reset

Simulate a system reboot by closing all applications and terminating certain processes using this lightweight and intuitive program.

  • AlomWare Reset
  • Version :3.10
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AlomWare

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AlomWare Reset Description

AlomWare Reset is an intuitive tool capable of resetting your system without rebooting it. The application is lightweight and designed to close all visible applications and windows, refresh the system, terminate certain processes, as well as clear the clipboard.

Simple-to-use PC reboot simulator

This tool that refresh your system without needing to restart it. Thanks to this feature, it’s especially convenient for older machines with weaker hardware, which require a long time to restart since the app can close all visible applications and windows, as well as terminate a series of processes that don’t belong to Windows.

By avoiding the reboot, the application can reset your system in a few seconds. Moreover, it can clear away the data stored in the clipboard, reset the list of most recently opened files or applications, and restore certain settings to default. By performing all these security tasks, the program is capable of freeing system memory and improving its performance.

Remember to save projects you’re currently working on

AlomWare Reset displays a reminder before allowing you to use its function. The software program is capable of simulating a system reboot, which means that even though the OS is not restarted, all unsaved data can still be lost.

The computer reset simulator is capable of terminating unresponsive processes, clearing the clipboard and freeing space, thus helping your computer run more efficiently. It gets integrated into the systray and silently runs in the background, without interrupting your work. There’s also an instruction manual available for those who don’t fully understand how it works.

You can take a snapshot to save the current settings, then later restore it to be able to pick up where you left off. It’s also possible to schedule the computer to get locked or enter standby, or set a third-party application to run right after reset. The utility also gives you the possibility to create a custom list of processes to terminate while resetting.

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